Nightstands for a Guest Room

I have a couple of guest rooms that have nothing but beds in them so this was the beginning of my plan to fill them up. I built simple matching nightstands for the king size bed room. After these were complete I added a headboard to the bed, which can be viewed here.


I came across this little table at one point and kind of liked the design, so I based mine roughly around that. I came up with a Sketchup plan but ended up changing my mind while building it and just went with it.


The project is built out of poplar. I glued together two pieces of wood per leg to achieve the thickness I wanted. This is two stacks of 4 legs clamped up.


I decided I wanted to go for a narrow angled leg look. I came up with this little jig which allows me to move the one “arm” to achieve the desired angle. I cut a bunch of scrap pieces until I found the angle I liked. The taper starts just below the shelf and narrows down to a square at the end.


I didn’t document the building of these tables as I was just kind of messing around and didn’t expect them to turn out so well. The top and shelf is made out of birch plywood all edged with pine cut from the scraps of the legs. I took a router to the top to reduce the sharp edges and give it some extra appeal. The top supports are inset a bit for a “shadow line”.

The nightstands sat in the bedroom for months in an unfinished state due to my hatred for painting. I hate building a piece of furniture then ruining it with brush strokes.


Then came the best purchase of my life. A paint sprayer. I can’t say enough good things about this little tool. It allows beautiful finishes with relative ease and little waste.


Here’s how the table looked after priming. I used spackling to fill all the nail gun holes and any imperfections then sanded it down.


They came out looking very nice and were a pretty simple build. The pair of these cost me less than $20 and looks store bought.


They sit on the sides of this bed and match the headboard in the middle (click the link to check that project out).

Tools mentioned in this build

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